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Cost-Effective Industrial Fluid Handling & Lubricant Products

From Pumping Systems To Gaskets, Seals and Synthetic Lubricants, We Support Your Industry From Pontiac, MI and Kenai, AK

You and your industry can’t afford to skip a beat, least of all with your vital equipment and machinery. In fast-paced industries with high production expectations, demanding deadlines, and razor-thin margins for profitability, you need a reliable, mechanically minded distribution partner. At ProSeal Service Group, we keep the cost-effective solutions coming so that we can ultimately minimize the total cost of ownership across the lifetime of your equipment. To do this, we’ve joined forces with some of the brightest stars of the fluid handling industry.

We’ve partnered with top brands to provide our customers with the latest, most effective lubricants, gaskets, seals, pumping systems, bearing protectors, reservoir breathers, and filtration systems. We support our clients from Pontiac, MI to Kenai, AK to help them get and stay competitive. If it rotates, reciprocates, needs seals or lubrication, we have what it needs to work day after day, decade after decade for the least possible infusion of capital.

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How We Can Serve Your Industry

  • World-Class Lubricants: As an authorized Royal Purple distributor, we can connect you with lubricants that extend life, improve output, and go the distance.
  • Mechanical Seal Partnerships: Together with world-leader AESSEAL®, we can provide a modular-design mechanical seal for perfect, bespoke fits in any application.
  • Premier Pump Distribution: ProSeal represents a spectrum of pump manufacturers and has decades of experience in solving your toughest fluid moving applications, ranging from simple and straightforward to extremely challenging.
  • Engineered Solutions: Should you require a pre-engineered, pre-fabricated and fully tested solution, we can design and build one for you, purpose-made to meet your needs.
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A Fluid Company in a Fluid Industry

It is our intention to provide our customers the highest quality products, the most capable application expertise, the most complete repair capabilities and the most responsive customer service. Each of our three major product disciplines is supported by a very experienced in-house industry expert. So when you work with ProSeal Service Group, you can feel confident that we will find a solution with the lowest total cost of ownership over the life of your equipment.

See how our Total Strength Package can help your plant operations.