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Mechanical Seal Products

Mechanical Seal Products in Pontiac, MI & Kenai, AK

Your Trusted Mechanical Seal Distributors, From Michigan to Alaska

At ProSeal Service Group, state-of-the-art mechanical seal products are a way of life. After more than two decades, our partnership with AESSEAL®—a world specialist in mechanical seal R&D—has granted us exclusive rights to distribute in Michigan, Ohio, and Alaska. This allows us to deliver some of the most technologically advanced seal products in Component, Single Cartridge, Double Cartridge, Split, Metal Bellows, Mixer, and API seals to keep you operational.

In addition to cutting-edge modular mechanical seals, we specialize in bearing protectors, gasketing products, and gland packings. All of ProSeal’s products are designed to limit operational and maintenance costs throughout the lifetime of your equipment for maximum ROI. From double bellows to single pushers, we can help you find and maintain the right mechanical seal products for your operation.

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Our Mechanical Seal Services

  • Modular Seals Delivered In 48 Hours: Our longstanding partnership with AESSEAL allows us to deliver top-of-the-line mechanical seals within 48 hours, getting your operation back up to speed and keeping it that way.
  • Forced Circulation Environmental Control Systems: Double mechanical seals require a clean, cool and consistent barrier fluid for the most reliable operation. Our ECO-Save product line is available in quick-ship, standard product, configurable designs or fully custom designed solutions to provide your expensive dual-seal applications with best practice environmental controls.
  • 21st-Century Bearing Protectors: To lip seals, labyrinth protectors, and face-type seals, we add the newest AESSEAL products, like LabTecta bearing isolators, MagTecta dual-faced magnetic seals, and more.
  • Leading Gasketing Products: We distribute top-line gasketing products from leading manufacturers, including Klinger, Robco, Flexitallic, Intertex, and Selco. We also specialize in heat exchanger and custom gaskets.
  • Mechanical Packing Products: Our inventory of gland packings reads like a list of the best and brightest, with products in inventory from AES, American Braid, and ROBCO.

Sealing Product Manufacturers

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Alaska Line Card

AESSEAL World’s 4th largest supplier of mechanical seals


Robco CNC equipment suited for your parts


Inertex Dependable and expanded PTFE gasketing solutions

EVR Products

EVR Products Solutions for your process piping needs

Senior Flexonics

Senior Flexonics Thermal management & conveyance solutions

ProSeal Service Group

ProSeal Service Group World-class pumping, sealing, lubrication, & spraying systems

American Braiding

American Braiding High-Quality mechanical packing & fluid sealing products


Eco-Save Energy savings and clean energy generation projects

Eco-Save: API Plan 54 Design Environmental Control Systems

When your applications require dual mechanical seals, consider using the Eco-Save API Plan 54 for the absolute greatest control of your mechanical seal environment.

  • Create the optimal environment for your dual seal and our environment. 

  • Full control and consistent delivery of barrier fluid to your double mechanical seal.

  • Heating, cooling and filtering to keep your barrier fluid in perfect condition are standard options.

  • Preserve your valuable barrier fluid with the ProSeal / Eco-Save Recapture System. 

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A Fluid Company in a Fluid Industry

It is our intention to provide our customers the highest quality products, the most capable application expertise, the most complete repair capabilities and the most responsive customer service. Each of our three major product disciplines is supported by a very experienced in-house industry expert. So when you work with ProSeal Service Group, you can feel confident that we will find a solution with the lowest total cost of ownership over the life of your equipment.

See how our Total Strength Package can help your plant operations.