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FGD Seals

Large Flue Gas Desulfurization Slurry Seals Repair Services

Done in our Factory Certified Repair Centers in Pontiac, MI and Kenai, AK

ProSeal Service Group is a single point of contact for all of your “wet limestone forced oxidation” sealing issues.

From engineered repairs of existing pump mechanical seals and agitators, to completely upgraded ‘dual’ sealing solutions, ProSeal Service Group “IS” FGD sealing.

Servicing all FGD Mechanical Sealing Systems

Our extensive experience covers all pump seals in FGD:

  • Mill slurry tank
  • Limestone slurry storage
  • Gypsum bleed pumps
  • Absorber recirculation pumps
  • Including the agitator drives and respective sealing system and shut down devices.

Take a moment to check out our capabilities on this site, and we will look forward to addressing your FGD sealing needs.

FGD Compliance and Reliability Improvements


sketch of FGD Absorber Agitator Seal

Specializing in Complete Repairs

The below list shows mechanical seal repairs to 20" shaft diameter:

  • Burgmann HR Series Slurry Seal
  • Flow Serve RIS, SLM, SLC
  • Huhn Seals
  • John Crane 5860 Series

All Repairs tested fully tested to API 682 specification.

FGD Absorber Agitator Seal Complete Repairs

  • Chemineer
  • Ekato
  • Lightnin
  • Sharpe
  • Philadelphia


worker using tablet to work on industrial equipment

A Fluid Company in a Fluid Industry

It is our intention to provide our customers the highest quality products, the most capable application expertise, the most complete repair capabilities and the most responsive customer service. Each of our three major product disciplines is supported by a very experienced in-house industry expert. So when you work with ProSeal Service Group, you can feel confident that we will find a solution with the lowest total cost of ownership over the life of your equipment.

See how our Total Strength Package can help your plant operations.