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Pump Repair

Pump Component & Pumping System Repair in Pontiac, MI
& Kenai, AK

Rapid Field Repair & Custom Upgrades for Pump Products & Rotating Equipment

There’s a simple recipe behind every successful industrial operation. A well-trained workforce and top-quality equipment get you two-thirds of the way toward a booming business. But there’s one more necessary ingredient: consistent support. At ProSeal, we help with all three ingredients, especially repairs and upgrades to pumping and rotating equipment. Through our fleet of field-service vehicles, or at our pump repair facilities in Michigan and Alaska, we deliver the support you need to keep working hard.

Our machinists, mechanics, electricians, fabricators, and support techs use the latest tools and expertise to recondition pumps from a wide range of manufacturers. We can custom machine new pumping solutions or replica parts, upgrade systems, or perform dynamic balancing with just a single phone call. Once your repairs and upgrades are complete, we validate service at one of the only dynamic pump stands in the midwest and Alaska, pulling out all the stops to get and keep you operational.

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Our Expert Pump Repair Services

  • No Job Too Big or Small: ProSeal has developed one of the largest and most capable pump repair facilities in the upper Midwest and Alaska for all sizes and styles of pumping and rotating equipment.
  • Any Manufacturer, Any Part: With a comprehensive team of specialists and the latest machining and engineering expertise, we can develop solutions for pumping systems and rotating equipment or replicate OEM parts.
  • Diagnose & Restore: We pull out all the stops to deliver expert service at our facilities, utilizing the widest array of tools, including analytical equipment and a fully adjustable vertical turbine assembly machine.
  • Meeting You Where You Work: Our rapid repair response teams can arrive at your facility to diagnose, upgrade, or repair as needed, offering a speedy resolution to any work stoppages, malfunctions, or scheduled upgrades.
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A Fluid Company in a Fluid Industry

It is our intention to provide our customers the highest quality products, the most capable application expertise, the most complete repair capabilities and the most responsive customer service. Each of our three major product disciplines is supported by a very experienced in-house industry expert. So when you work with ProSeal Service Group, you can feel confident that we will find a solution with the lowest total cost of ownership over the life of your equipment.

See how our Total Strength Package can help your plant operations.

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